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Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay Hides Engagement Rings in Desserts 'All the Time'

March 29, 2022

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay revealed in a recent episode of his Always Hungry podcast on iHeartRadio that excited patrons ask him to hide engagement rings in desserts "all the time."


In a playful exchange with his 25-year-old co-host daughter, Sophie, the Beat Bobby Flay cooking star noted how his famous restaurants have served as the venues for life's most romantic moments, including many, many marriage proposals.

"Do you have any idea how many engagement rings I've hidden in desserts in my life?" he asked rhetorically.

While the 56-year-old chef didn't offer an actual number, he did confirm that it "happens all the time."

A typical suitor will seek out Flay's assistance on the day of the proposal. With an engagement ring in hand, the person planning the proposal will say, "I'm getting engaged tonight, can you hide this in the food?"

While Flay is more than happy to oblige these requests, he makes it crystal clear that the surprise has to be handled in the safest way.

"Just don't let her eat it," is his common refrain.

If he's incorporating the engagement ring into a chocolate layer cake, for example, the ring will be placed on top of the slice. It has to be very obvious so there's no chance of it being swallowed by mistake.

Sophie Flay, who is a community reporter for ABC7 Los Angeles, launched the Always Hungry podcast with her dad so they could share their cravings for food and conversation, and the connection they share, according People magazine.

"It's really a conversation about life and being a parent, being a daughter, being friends and being adventurous in the world of food," he told People.

On one side of the table, Bobby Flay represents the culinary sensibilities of New York City’s old school, while on the other side, we have the young California reporter keyed into the latest trends in food, fashion, lifestyle and culture.

According to iHeartRadio, Always Hungry gives listeners a place at the Flay table for those wonderful, spontaneous conversations that only great food and family bonds can inspire.

New episodes of Always Hungry are available each Tuesday on iHeartRadio and other podcast providers.

Credit: Image of Bobby Flay by Brooksbetz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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