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Stewart Douglas Collection

Locally Designed and Crafted Jewelry

“Instead of selling everyone else’s brands, I decided that I wanted to start my own brand. Essentially, I am the brand. I put my own creativity to use to develop, design, and cut my own line of custom jewelry.”

Not only does Dale’s Jewelers help connect you with the perfect set of jewelry, Doug Jones himself also designs a fair share of it. Only available at Dale's Jewelers, the Stewart Douglas Collection is our custom designed jewelry line produced right here in our shop.

Using his extensive knowledge and skills developed as a bench jeweler and as the only certified GIA Graduate Gemologist in the area, Doug creates some of the finest jewelry that can be found. Not only does he do all the work after the stones and gems are in his possession, but he also does the legwork traveling to Antwerp, Hong Kong, Thailand, and many other locations across the globe to find the highest quality stones.

The Stewart Douglas Collection helps you cut out the middleman. Doug does all the work so that he is able to offer you the absolute highest quality of jewelry at the best price. Forget wholesalers and big box brands, Jones has worked hard to develop his Stewart Douglas brand. As mentioned before, Doug travels all over the globe to best diamond and gem markets to ensure that he gets the best quality product. He selects his diamonds and gems carefully and methodically, turning away a majority of stones and gems that don’t meet his high standards.

On top of all this, it ensures that you have a relationship with the individual who designed and built your dream ring. The average person doesn’t have a personal relationship with Neil Lane or Vera Wang, let alone ever meet them. Doug Jones is your personal jeweler. You can count on him to be there for all your jewelry needs.

Spirit of the Rockies Collection

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for the jewelry that we design and create. Since we are surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, we have a line of products dedicated to capturing a piece of their majesty.

View some of our Spirit of the Rockies collection with photos taken on location in Grand Teton National Park.

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Peace of Mind

You have the safety and security of a local jeweler right in Idaho Falls to take care of your jewelry. Rest easy knowing that with Dale’s Jewelers guaranteed quality service you will never be left out in the cold. And if you’re not living in Idaho Falls and purchased your ring online from afar, we already consider you part of the Dale’s Jewelers family and will take care of you. Sure, it might not be as quick as dropping your ring off at the shop, but know that we handle every case with a great deal of care and dedication.

Highest Quality

When you shop at Dale’s Jewelers, you truly get the best of both worlds. Price point and quality. Doug travels the world the ensure that you are getting the highest quality diamonds, gems, pearls, and other products. So whether it’s a classic and elegant diamond engagement ring or a custom piece of elk ivory jewelry, Dale’s Jewelers has the experience, skill, and knowledge to get you the very best.

Stewart Douglas Designs

Doug Jones assessing jewelry quality, in a constant search for the perfect jewels for his customers.

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