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Elk Tooth Jewelry - Made with Your Ivory

Crafted by Nature: Elevate Your Style with Elk Ivory Jewelry

Embrace the Spirit of the Rockies and showcase your appreciation for nature with our exquisite elk ivory jewelry, a unique adornment that captures the rustic charm and rugged beauty of the great outdoors.

Spirit of the Rockies Collection

Custom designed and created with your ivory.

How it Works

  • Select and polish your ivory
  • Design the piece that it goes on (money clip, ring, cuff links, necklace)
  • Put them together

Our Elk Ivory Jewelry

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Learn About Elk Tooth Jewelry

We live where we do, because of the natural beauty that surrounds us. We create this jewelry from recovered elk teeth (commonly known as elk ivory). We have a selection of available pieces to choose from, or will take the ivory you provide and set it.

Spirit Of The Rockies

We're the area's specialists on elk tooth jewelry. We take your elk ivory and place it in one of our custom pieces making an heirloom to carry around the spirit of the Rockies.

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