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Today my “alter ego” walked into the store. She lives my dream life – except my reality gets in the way. She lives in the countryside and rides Tennessee Walkers—those gorgeous horses that SCARE me-- thus, my dose of reality. Doug has a new ring designed with a slightly “American West” theme that is so-o-o beautiful and every horsewoman’s dream! The good news is that this can be anybody’s REALITY!

-- Just Marci’s Musings

Driving up Ashton Hill awakens in me that feeling of being ”whole”, nurtured by God’s creations. I imagine the delicate leaves of the quaking aspens applauding life as the sun warms the morning. I feel the nurturing boughs of the tall pines enfolding me, whispering, “Isn’t life a blessing!” I love, love, love the mountains of Idaho and the Aspens of Island Park.

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