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Today my “alter ego” walked into the store. She lives my dream life – except my reality gets in the way. She lives in the countryside and rides Tennessee Walkers—those gorgeous horses that SCARE me-- thus, my dose of reality. Doug has a new ring designed with a slightly “American West” theme that is so-o-o beautiful and every horsewoman’s dream! The good news is that this can be anybody’s REALITY!

-- Just Marci’s Musings

Driving up Ashton Hill awakens in me that feeling of being ”whole”, nurtured by God’s creations. I imagine the delicate leaves of the quaking aspens applauding life as the sun warms the morning. I feel the nurturing boughs of the tall pines enfolding me, whispering, “Isn’t life a blessing!” I love, love, love the mountains of Idaho and the Aspens of Island Park.

OH, THE WEDDING!! I confess that I’m a Royal fan (as opposed to a royal pain, which I’m not!) I started watching BBC America at 10 pm and didn’t go to bed until 7 the next morning! Kate looked absolutely perfect. Her tiara, loaned to her by the Queen, was beautiful in its design and simplicity (if that many diamonds can be called simple!) Her dressed was perfect for her. And who wouldn’t love a 1910 carriage pulled by four white horses? Then there were the vintage autos and, the final touch, the Austin-Martin. And the HATS!! I don’t understand the British fascination with hats. Who would want a snail perched on their forehead? Still, the hats were a fascinating show. And I loved it all! Every bride is a princess at heart. And I believe that marriage is a wonderful, sometimes challenging, perfecting way for two people to live together. So, I confess, I’m a marriage fan, with or without the carriage and white horses.

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