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Biggest Super Bowl Rings Ever Made Commemorate Historic Comeback That Led to Patriots' 5th Championship

June 12, 2017

The New England Patriots commemorated their fifth championship and greatest comeback in Super Bowl history with monumental rings gleaming with 283 diamonds. The number of diamonds is a nod to the score of 28-3, the seemingly unsurmountable deficit the Patriots faced before going on to tally 31 unanswered points in their triumph over the Atlanta Falcons on February 5.

"It was a historic comeback win and the players deserve to have a ring that represents that accomplishment," said team owner Robert Kraft, who hosted the celebration at his residence on Friday. "So, we created the biggest Super Bowl ring ever made. Watching the expressions of the players and coaches when they saw them for the first time and the overwhelming pride when they put them on was priceless."

The Patriots earned their first Super Bowl ring 15 years ago. With each subsequent championship, their rings have gotten progressively more impressive. This year's ring boasts diamonds weighing 5.1 carats, while the Super Bowl XLIX Championship rings delivered in 2015 were set with 205 diamonds weighing 4.85 carats.

"Much like the games themselves, the rings and the celebrations keep getting bigger and better," Kraft added.

Created by Jostens, the 10-karat white gold championship rings are loaded with symbols that tell the story of a memorable season and historic Super Bowl LI victory.

The face of the ring features the iconic Patriots logo, which is made from custom-cut sapphire and ruby. The design is outlined in diamonds and punctuated by a diamond-embellished star.

An additional sapphire serves as the background to five Vince Lombardi trophies, each featuring a marquise-cut diamond "football" at the top.

The words "WORLD" and "CHAMPIONS" wrap the sides of the ring in raised white gold lettering on a black ground.

The left side of the ring has the recipient's name and number encrusted with diamonds. An image of the lighthouse and bridge, which form Gillette Stadium's signature view, are accented with the years of each of the Patriots' previous Super Bowl victories.

On the right side of the ring, the Super Bowl LI logo is highlighted with the game's final score at the top and the team's 17-2 overall record at the bottom. Framing the side is Kraft's famous postgame comment that this Super Bowl victory was "UNEQUIVOCALLY THE SWEETEST."

Two additional elements are hidden on the inside of the ring. One is Kraft's memorable quote, "WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS," along with his signature and the date when he first delivered that line. A second element reads, "GREATEST COMEBACK EVER."

All New England players, coaches, football staff and team executives were presented with championship rings, which are reportedly worth $37,000 each.

Credits: Images by Jostens via

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