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Lab Grown Diamonds

You may have heard in passing about how diamonds can now be grown in a lab. This new and exciting process allows for the creation of beautiful diamonds and a lower cost than naturally occurring diamonds. However, unlike the name implies, these diamonds don't grow on trees. Through a combination of polishing, growing, cooking and cutting these gem quality diamonds require several weeks of work and preparation to be ready. Quite a bit shorter than the millions of years naturally occurring diamonds take to rise to the Earth's surface.

Dales Jewelry Has Lab Grown Diamonds

Some of our diamonds come from a lab (we mark and tell you exactly which) because we've been impressed by the clarity of the gems, and want our customers to have the option. If you have questions about how you can see or learn more about these exciting diamonds, ask any of our staff and we will allow you to inspect them side-by-side.

Short video showing how lab-grown diamonds are created.
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